About Linda Lee


I was born in England in 1950 and grew up in Staines,

a London suburb on the river Thames.

In the sixties I attended Guildford and Farnham Schools of Art, where I studied painting and sculpture. I came to live in The Netherlands in 1972 and in 1978

I applied for a place at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and graduated from the Illustration Department in 1983. In our graduation year Gitte Spee, Gertie Jaquet, Alex de Wolf, Annemarie van Haeringen and I - wanting to continue working together - launched The Illustration Studio. In 1988 I left the Illustration studio when my daughter Lisa was born and continued illustrating from home.

In the last thirty years I've illustrated for many publishers here in The Netherlands:
Jacob Dijkstra - Groningen, EPN - Houten, Gooi en Sticht - Hilversum, VNU - Haarlem, Geillustreerde Pers - Amsterdam, Malmberg - Den Bosch, Meulenhoff - Amsterdam, Ravensburger - Amersfoort, Thieme - Zutphen, Unieboek - Weesp, Wolters Noordhoff - Groningen and Zwijsen - Tilburg.

The last couple of years I illustrate books for uitgeverij Ploegsma, Van DuurenMedia for the Voor Kids-serie and made illustrations for Dzone Magazine. I share a studio in Amsterdam with my journalist husband, Hans Frederiks.
You can find my blog, "It's another day"


I'm always on the look out for new and innovating Illustration projects.

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